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Organization is the key to a successful move and Moving Solutions offers, implements and oversees a manageable plan of action. A full spectrum of services is available to cover all the contingencies involved in a move. Clients can decide what services they need and also how personally involved they want to be in their relocation.

Solutions for Carefree Moving can provide assistance in the following:

  • Preparing home to be put on market
  • Referring excellent movers and Planning on a Move Date
  • Utility and Postal Changes
  • Coordinating Move with Building Managers, Condo Associations, Retirement Communities, etc.
  • Providing Floor Plans and Design Assistance
  • Downsizing- assists in deciding what to keep, what to sell and what to give to charity.
  • Providing honest, reputable antiques and used furniture dealers and
  • Arranging for pickup of downsized items
  • Arranging and supervising any pre move-in renovations and custom work
  • Doing a walk through of new residence to make sure it is ready for move-in
  • Supervision on day of pack
  • Supervision on day of move and complete unpack and set-up
  • Set up includes: Placement of furniture, set up of closets, kitchen and baths, beds made, food in refrigerator, etc.
  • Hanging of pictures
  • Arrange for cleaning of old residence and preparation for turn over to Realtor
  • Supporting client throughout the entire process by providing friendly, caring service


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Who can use Solutions for Carefree Moving services?

A: As the business grew, Trudy realized that Seniors were not the only ones in need of services. She began assisting professionals who did not want to give up valuable work and/or vacation time to make a move. Clients are delighted to go to work from one home in the morning and come home to their new residence in the evening with everything  ready and in place for them.
Trudy has assisted young couples with children, who have gone on vacation while she moved them. She has even moved a business over
the weekend arranging for all services to be in place on Monday morning! The services Solutions for Carefree Moving provides appeal to anyone involved in the overwhelm of moving.

Q: Do I have to use all the services?

A: No, just what you feel you need. Solutions for Carefree Moving will create a personalized plan of action based on your needs. Organization is the key to a successful move. All the details, legwork, and follow-up are taken care of.

Q: Do I have to be wealthy to use your services?

A: Not at all. When creating your personalized plan, Solutions for Carefree Moving considers every element to serve you best – including your budget.

Q: Why use Solutions for Carefree Moving?

A: Why not? People use professionals all the time, why not when they have to move? Solutions for Carefree Moving can save clients time, energy and money.
Saving time and energy is easy to understand and using these services can actually save money. Time is money when one can devote their
time to money making pursuits rather than the moving process.
Having access to reputable professionals is cost effective, insuring clients they will not have to experience a personal horror story such as an unscrupulous moving company, that might cost thousands in damaged furniture.
That junk in the box in the closest that was going to be given to
the neighborhood sale, may not be junk at all. An antiques dealer may offer a sizable check for that “junk.” Moving Solutions takes care of the details. Yes, clients can do the move themselves but why would they? Solutions for Carefree Moving can save clients money, energy, and time, and take the overwhelm out of their move.


My Commitment To You

Based on my love of helping people and the sincere desire to be of service to the Community, Solutions for Carefree Moving was conceived.

You, my client, will be my first concern and priority. I will take the "overwhelm out of your move". You will be treated with the dignity and respect you deserve.

It is understood that moving is not only a physical undertaking but an emotional experience as well. That is honored and supported.

My approach will be considerate, friendly, patient, and professional.

Everything will be custom tailored to your particular needs and desires.

I will endeavor to cover all contingencies and always be willing "to go that extra mile" to insure that your move will be made with ease and grace.

I take great pride in my work and great pleasure from relationships I build with my clients.

I consider it an honor to be of service to you.

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