Client Comments

"...we arrived to find everything in place – clothes in closets, dishes in the cupboards, fine china and crystal carefully placed in the cabinets, all in the same spot from which it came. Food, pots, pans, utensils...the kitchen was sorted and ready to go! I was amazed and delighted, for my parents, for me, and for the opportunity to work with such a professional! Trudy will get all my referrals for anyone needing assistance with a move. Thank you Trudy, for such a fine service and starting this much needed, innovative business for Sarasota."

—Wendy Kay Foldes

"She is not intrusive but a joy to have around. She has so many talents and great knowledge of where to go to get help. Her suggestions made our lives so much easier and almost made moving from a large house to an apartment a joy. Whatever the problem, leave it to Trudy and you will be blessed."

—Ginny Allen

"Trudy Clark is a cultural/commercial enterprise made more effective by offering decorating skills, total recall of essentials, and a cooperative personality. It is a money-saving, fatique-saving contribution to anyone moving possessions. To locate such skills, particularly with good taste is rare indeed."

—George Allen

"...And believe me you are the most delightful moving facilitator, the most expeditious, the most de-overwhelming – also your sparkling approach is most appreciated. Thanks a million."

—Bill Reedy, MD

"Your ability to resolve all the difficult situations before they become problems relieved our anxieties during our testy period of relocation. You are oustanding in the performance of your work. Also, you are just as oustanding in being a caring, lovely lady."

—June and Don Amick

"You were a godsend for us. I described you to my husband as very efficient, a real worker bee, with wonderful sensitivity in such an emotional situation. You approach your work, Trudy, with great energy and professionalism...down to the last detail."

—Susan Ould

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