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Conception of Solutions for Carefree Moving
In 1997, Trudy Clark conceived the idea for Solutions for Carefree Moving. Previously, she had been involved in marketing for a senior retirement community. While listening to her Clients she learned just how overwhelming the prospect of making a move was to them.
She knew that the marketing staff and even a move-in-coordinator could not offer all the assistance that most seniors need in downsizing and moving. Equally important was the emotional toll that relocating takes. She wanted to be able to support her clients on all levels during this difficult transition. Thus Solutions for Carefree Moving came to be.
Now, after nearly six years experience assisting clients, Trudy has a unique perspective of what the challenges are and how they can be met. She honors the fact that making a move is not only a physical hardship but often times an emotional one as well. Trudy considers it an honor to be of service to her clients.

Moving Facilitator
Trudy calls herself a Moving Facilitator. This is a name given to her by her first client, who was trying to explain to her friends what Trudy was doing to help her. She said, “she is facilitating my move. She is a Moving Facilitator”.
In order to “facilitate” for her clients, she has put together a wonderful team of Professionals. As she holds herself to the highest standards so she holds the people on her Team. Clients are always treated professionally, in a friendly, caring manner.

Trudy Clark
Trudy Clark
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